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Michigan Garage Door Repair by the Broken Spring Experts!

Broken Garage Door Spring - Livonia - Ann Arbor If your garage door won’t open, Up And Down Door is Michigan’s Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Service company from Canton, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Northville, Saline, Novi, Ypsilanti, Southgate, Brownstown, Commerce Etc. to the entire Downriver area. We have you covered. We have the best prices on broken garage door springs and broken garage door cables in MI. We can have someone out to your location to fix or replace your broken garage door springs or cables the same day. We also currently offer a five year warranty on all broken torsion springs, and a three year warranty on garage door cable replacement.

Our experienced crew of garage door service technicians have seen just about every repair job imaginable from broken springs and bent door panels to faulty garage door openers and improperly aligned door tracks.

We know the best methods to repair garage doors, have the experience to do it right the first time, and you can be sure our garage door repairs will last the life of your garage door or door opener. Don’t forget our MI garage door repair or service coupons!


MI Garage Door Spring / Cable Repair and Replacement !

Broken Garage Door CableYou never know when a garage door, garage door springs,  garage door cables,  or garage door opener can fail. Many times this can leave you with your cars stuck in the garage, our company will come out the same day to assist you.

We Fix A Broken Spring

No matter what reason you have to call your garage door repair an emergency, we can provide 24-hour repair services to get your garage door or garage door opener back to working condition the same day.

Protecting your garage and its contents from the weather, possible intruders, or nuisance animals is what we do. Whether you’re located in Livonia, Novi, Canton, Northville, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Wixom, Commerce, Ann Arbor, Southgate, Brownstown, Romulus, Wayne, Trenton, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Saline, Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Southfield or anywhere else in Southeast Michigan. You can check our customer testimonials to see that we have a long list of satisfied all over Michigan.


Cost-effective Garage Door Repairs in Michigan by Professionals

Many times, a bent garage door panel or two can be replaced instead of replacing the whole door. Often a broken garage door spring or cable can be fixed to save the door till the homeowner is ready to get a replacement garage door. Sometimes garage door sensors, or rails can be replaced instead of an entire garage door opener unit as well. We have the parts and know-how to make the cost-conscious decision you need to get your door or door opener in tip-tip shape again.We will share your repair options with you, explain the costs, and make a recommendation based on your particular situation.


Pricing Estimates

Standard Garage Door Spring Replacement / Broken Torsion Springs

Two-car door springs replaced $175-$225 (incl. 5-year warranty)
One-car door springs replaced $145-$165 (incl. 5-year warranty)
Wayne Dalton spring conversions $250-$325 (incl. 5-year warranty)




Service Rates:

Basic service rates $85 (plus parts)
Basic commercial rates $175 (plus parts)
Cable sets $36-$56
Gear kit assemblies, installed $135-$155
Trip charge $45-65





Our warranties:

  • Three years on parts for all installations (material only)
  • One year on labor for all installations
  • 30-Day labor warranty on service
  • 1 Year electronic warranty (Boards, Remotes, Sensors, Etc.)

Some exceptions apply.

We continue to strive to be a stand up company that’s work ethic is based upon integrity, not greed. If you have had a bad experience with other companies in the past, give us a try and compare. We will always be there when you need us! Thank you for your time!

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